WTS: 2 Sexy Sticks (customs) + taking orders

Hi guys, I’ve been modding and working on sticks for 7 or 8 years now and I thought it was finally time to put together a stick or two specifically to sell. I’m pretty proud of the way they turned out! They both have Paewang Revolution boards in them so they work great both on PS3 and Xbox360, 4 coats of stain and 4 coats of polyurethane and kinda cool clear feet on the bottom. All sanwa except for 3 transparent buttons on the front for start/turbo/select. Dimensions are about 13in wide/9in long/1.75 inch tall.
Here are some pictures, if anyone has any questions or wants more photos, or wants me to take a picture of anything in particular, let me know.
I’m asking for $250 for each of them.

Also, I’m taking orders for other sticks so post on here or send me a PM if you like what you see.







Front of the Cody Stick, clear feet were added afterwards so it is like the DJ stick.


Inside of the Cody Stick


Front of the DJ Stick


Inside of the DJ Stick


The way the insides are: for the cody stick there are quick disconnects for everything except the start,select and turbo buttons. For the DJ stick there are quick disconnects for the signal for each of the buttons. That means the grounds of the DJ stick are daisychained and soldered together. Personally I prefer it this way but to each his own. I’m willing to made slight changes to the stick (including the wiring) so if you really like it let me know and we can work something out.

The button layout will default for SF4, which means it’s the same as the TEs.
Thanks ! :china:

PM sent.

Replied: Inquiry about blank cases; I personally don’t like the woodworking part (mostly it’s lack of tools and being a student at georgia tech still) as much so I recommended the blank kits by shaft agent. If you wanted a similar look as the cases above I am willing to assemble+stain one of the kits and ship for not much more than cost of parts.

I can vouch for this guy. He’s a buddy of mine and has been using his own custom sticks for more than a few years. (Talking ps2 and beyond) He’s a real enthusiast and has a real attention to quality and detail.

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Whats up Ben its Brian from Atlanta Revival. Comes to find out I did have a Shory account I just never used it…go figure! What did you place at the tournament? I didn’t do so hot, I think I was 42nd. Do you have a Facebook account? Also my friends and I played after Revival and alot things we discussed worked for example the yoga drill into the super works excellent it juggles airborne opponents and sets on ground opponents since their so eager to attack. And I got the BnB on my friend and ended with a super, it was spur of the moment! It was 10 hits cause I started it with an ex yoga fire. Thanks for all your help dude, if you find anything else that I should do to take my Sim to the next level let me know. Also it was great meeting you, “SIM BROS 4 LIFE”!!!

Sorry I had to post this in ya thread but i couldnt pm you since i dont have more than two post!

Nice looking sticks. Possibly interested in having a custom made. PM sent.

PM Replied Dan. Post up in the Georgia Thread Brian or post shoutouts in the revival results page in the tournament results section. PM me and Digital Warlord because that was Nato, the guy from Conyers.