WTS: 2 sixaxis, 1 360 wired PCB's


Just some old controllers for both the PS3 and 360. That I have and don’t use anymore. So I figured might as well to try to sell them.

The Sixaxis PCB’s come alone, no chargable cables.

The 360 PCB once again comes wired.SOLD

I have checked the PCB’s and they work, but I just want to get more up-to-date controllers, heh.

I can provide pictures of the pcb’s if anyone’s interested, and will only ship the PCB’s alone to reduce shipping if possible.

I’m only looking for 13 shipped for each PCB. If someone’s interested in all three, I can combine shipping for 5 total instead of 9.


EDIT: Forgot I have a rep thread, it’s not much, but figure it’s a help.



dibs on the 360 pcb, is it an official xbox controller? does it come with a chord? pics please. thanks.


Yes sir, the controller is an official 360 wired pcb. I’ll post up pictures later tonight.


If lazeeya doesn’t get it, please let me get the next claim on the 360 pcb. I hope you have a second one :frowning:


Are the sixaxis’ just the bare pcb, or the full controller? I don’t need the pcbs, but could definitely use full controllers. If they’re full, I’ll buy 'em both and pay for priority shipping.


Just the PCB’s for the Sixaxis’ unfortunatly.


i’ll send payment as soon as i see pics. thanks.


bump… what’s up with the pics bro? thanks.


Yeah, sorry about that, got swamped w/ homework so I got a little busy.

Also, I forgot that i did take out the motors or whatever for the rumble feature, hopefully it won’t matter, heh.

Anyways, here they are.

PCB itself

The case for the controller.


pm me your paypal address.


Do you still have the Sixaxis pcb’s? Does it include the battery?
I’m definitely interested


Pm sent!


Pm sent


I’ll take one of those sixaxis boards off your hands if you’ve still got them for sale.


this thread was from january, lols


could be still active unless the user had it closed. Apparently not. :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe, true that.


Lmao wow… Didn’t even notice. Guess I fell for the trap :sweat: