WTS 2 T5 Sticks/ps2-ps3 adapter/wii games/FF7

I have a T5 joystick that is pretty much brand new. I quit arcade games long ago and the only reason i bought this was for a newegg lan tourny last year and i am trying to get rid of it now. For some reason the paint faded or somethin i dont even know how or why because i didn’t even use it besides for the tourny. I really only used it like 5-10 times. Right after the tourny i quit and stopped so there is no problems with the stick + its easy to mod.
I will sell it for $65 dollars + Shipping. Not sure how much its worth so if its too high, post your offers.

Here is the the pic oh and i am giving the game and the box for free, i just want to get rid of all of it at once.


Holy Shit That Is A Low Price!!!

Great Deal!

really? lol i dont really know how much it goes for. I am in need of money because i am saving up for some things i want to buy and right now i dont have a lot of money :confused:

oh and if you guys have questions or anything email me at l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com or AIM l3ustal3ust1234 I really need money and i am trying to get rid some things. I am also selling A Pelican Coverter ps2->ps3 along with FF7 for the playstation (rare game), Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I will put picks up either later 2nite or sometime soon.

How much you are asking for the pelican adapter?



Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - $35 (like new)
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - $35 (like new) or BOTH wii games for $65!
Street Fighter Anniversary collection - $15 (scratched up but still works great) - ON HOLD KnightWarrior
Kingdom Hearts 1 - $15 (barely scratched) - ON HOLD for StuartHayden
Ps2-Ps3 pelican adapter - $50 / taking offers - SOLD
Final Fantasy VII (Greatest Hits/Green Label) - $45 (like new)

Ball parking the prices so i will be taking offers also

Contact: l3ustal3ust@yahoo.com or AIM l3ustal3ust1234 <— best way to contact

Final Fantasy VII (non greatest hits)
Ps2-Ps3 Pelican Adapter

pm sent

pmed on AIM

To be absolutely sure, FFVII is complete, right? If so, I’ll take it if no one else has yet.

alright right now a lot of people want the FF7, not really sure who to give to now lol i am constantly getting emails and PMs about it so now ill do to the highest bidder? can i do that on the forums or no? dont wanna go against the rules so if i can then let the bidding begin

nah, it’s supposed to be whoever calls dibs first. They don’t want this turning into ebay but it’s more etiquette.

oh alright then. forget my post about the bidding, anyways since a lot of people want to buy FF7 i might put up my other copy of FF7 but that copy is greatest hits. Does any1 know how much that goes up for since it is greatest hits? i just heard that i couldve sold the O.G. copy of FF7 for a LOT more than i posted haha but oh well i guess.

I think I’ve seen the regular copy go for $85 or so and the greatest hits for $65. IMHO, I still don’t know why it’s so expensive; I mean I used to see these be practically given away at pawn shops for 10-15 bucks and to me FFVIII is still the best one.

Someone once said something about it being the first one to “open the door” and that’s why it’s rare now but still…

okay thanks a lot mcginnis! and sorry to every1 who wanted the OG copy, i sold it to a neighbor for 90, he is a FF freak so i asked him and he was dying to buy it lol, and i guess i will go off of mcginnis price and i will sell it for $65 but if its to high then i will take offers, taking pictures now so it will be up shortly

FF7 (Complete) $65



PM Sent

pm sent

here is the 2nd T5 stick i am going to sell, the only problem is i spilt a drink on it but it was only on 3 buttons. They were L2, L1 and Square. Still fully functional except those 3 stick a little more. Hoping to sell this 1 to some1 who wants to mod the joystick and i will sell it for $55 but if thats too high i will accept offers as well.


oh and i forgot to add them in the picture but you will also receive the Tekken 5 game and the collectors box that it comes with.

for those PMing me, ALL THE BUTTONS STILL WORK just the 3 are a bit sticky. Getting too many PMs about it so ill just make it more clear

the one for $65 dollars is perfectly fine, no problems/brand new still (my guess for the paint is because it has been under my desk and my tower is right there aswell and the fan is blowing air from the comp towards it and making the paint fade or somethin cuz i didnt really even use that stick) getting that out there too for people who pm me about it

Oh…well ignore that pm I just sent ya