WTS 2 Wow Accounts


I am also looking to sell a WoW account

I have a 70 Night Elf Priest as well as a 62 Human Warlock (both male).

Both toons are on Kil’Jaeden (PVP) and the priest is transferable at the moment.

The priest has 455 resilence in shadow gear and 420-~480 resilence in discipline gear (depending on which weapon setup you use).

The priest is also a level 375 shadoweave tailor and a 350+ engineer with the nonepic flying engineer mount.
The account has around 1200 gold between characters, as well as many items in the bank.

I am looking for around $300-400 through paypal or another method (negotiable).
Please PM me if you would like more information on the account.

dont hijack his thread man. make your own.