WTS: 2 XBOX 360 MVC2 Madcatz TE sticks

I am selling TWO XBOX 360 MVC2 Madcatz TE sticks. For now, I am only selling them in a bundle for $175 shipped. They are in both great condition and work perfectly, however for one of them the mic port does not work. Other than that, they work flawlessly. I will ship both in their original boxes (as shown below) Let me know if you are interested.

Wow… What a good price. If I played fighting games on 360, I’d be all over this. Good luck with the sale.

to avoid all confusion… you want 175 shipped for both or each?

both he pm’d me that when i asked

this is a awesome deal… wish I could take them off your hands

Pmed. Ill take them.