WTS: 2 Xbox 360 Round 1 Sticks

I have two Xbox 360 Round 1 Tournament Edition Sticks. These are the Red Street Fighter 4 Sticks. I am selling for $100 a piece.

The both have Sanwa JLF’s in them. One has a yellow balltop, while the other has a blue balltop. The one with the yellow balltop has 6 clear sanwa buttons and 2 white sanwa buttons. The blue balltop stick has 6 white buttons and 2 of the gray/black buttons. They both work and function effectively. However, the stick with the yellow balltop caught my xbox microphone in it and snapped. I use a wireless microphone on it and it works fine. I can send that to you with the charging cable. It is a Halo 3 Wireless Microphone.

PM me or ask questions in this thread. Pictures will be up tonight or tomorrow.

how mus just for the Halo 3 Wireless Microphone?

Not planning on selling by itself. Sorry for no pics guys. I will try to have them up tonight.