WTS $20 PSN card US

I wrote US because I don’t know if these codes are region specific, either way it was purchased here in the U.S.

$20.00 I’ll PM code. I know it makes sense to try and sell these at a discount, but every penny counts right now as I have a lot of finances this month >< Basically, if you are/were going to make any PSN purchases soon, I’d love the help. Thanks! Comment if you have any interest!

will you take $15? pm me your paypal


SOLD!!! Great buyer, fast transaction thanks anzhar! :tup:

P.S. If anyone can tell us how to rep with this new layout @____@ Please do so. I have no clue anymore!

hi thanks a lot man, thanks for taking the chance to sell to a UK buyer, its always difficult to get someone to trust an international sale

major reps to you

thanks again