WTS 20 white sanwa buttons and more


20 Sanwa 30mm buttons
8 screw ins $17.00 shipped
6 snap ins $13.00 shipped
6 snap ins $13.00 shipped
MVC2 Japan DC $25.00 Shipped
Tekken 5 PS2 $15.00 Shipped
HFS3 boxed $36.00 shipped
Namco Stick Boxed blue sticker $100.00 shipped


bump, price lowered


i can do $55 shipped on that t5 tonight at 1am let me know i need it bad


if no one gets it for 60 by then, yes i will do 55 for you.


cant chance it. ill do 60 u got a pic?




Do you offer international shipping ?
i live in Chile and im very interested on the T5 stick :slight_smile:


looks brand new!!! and its mine muahahaa, im on my lunch break at work if you can give me your paypal I can send payment now, ill pm you my address


pm sent


Sorry bro, The T5 is Gone., just waiting for The-priest payment.


payment sent


Bump, T5 arcade stick sold, added new items.


im highly interested in the dreamcast. since it can play back-ups, guessing it can play japanese games too? also can you post a pic?


no, it does not play Imports but will do with a special Boot disc.


oh ok, thats fine. can you post pics up tho?




thnx pmd


payment sent for dreamcast


Bump Namco Stick Added.


Pic of the namco?