WTS: 29 inch Cabinets, Books, CDs

Hey guys. I have a load of stuff lying around that doesn’t get used anymore.

Candy cabinets - all on hold


These machines WILL NOT support a 6 slot MVS board; they just do not have enough power. I have used 1, 2, and 4 slot MVS boards in them with success. I am unaware if you can put a more hefty power supply in them, but I wouldn’t attempt it unless you are a trained professional. The two that are wired for Jamma were used to power SvC Chaos, Metal Slug 5, and Puyopuyo 2. One was at one time converted to a 6 button layout on top to power 3rd Strike.

THEY DO NOT COME WITH ANY BOARDS!! If you want boards, I have the SvC Chaos and Metal Slug 5 for sale (with artwork for both and moveset lists for SvC), and prices are very negotiable.

Make Super Neo 29 (jamma) and two Neo 29 (MVS). That means 3 total of these for sale. They are 29" inch NeoGeo cabinets. I bought them used from AI about 5 or 6 years ago, and most of them are in various states of functionality. Two are wired for NeoGeo/MVS, one is wired for jamma. I know one of the MVS cabinets has a nonfunctioning monitor, and I am unsure about the status of the other two as they’ve sat in storage for over a year now. I’m mostly checking to see if anyone is even interested in these. I can take more pictures if there’s interest. I believe I paid around $350 a cabinet, I’d be willing to look at $200 or so, though for the one without a working monitor I’m extremely flexible as I don’t know if it can be fixed - I haven’t had the time to open it and see.

They are equipped with coin mechs that take .925 tokens (Chuck-E-Cheese size) as well as quarters.

As you can probably guess, freight is not cheap on these suckers (cheapest Arlieth and I could find was a couple hundred), so if you’re local to SoCal you might want to think about coming to pick them up with a truck. They’re big and unwieldy, and also not light, I believe they’re around 100kg (approximately 220 pounds).


Close-up of control panel and coin mech:

Screen of a working cabinet:

This is NOT the exact cabinet I’m selling, this is the one I kept for my personal use, ironically it is the worst wired out of all of them. Most of them look like they were wired in a chopshop - messy soldering and such, they came this way unfortunately. I did have to replace a jamma harness in one of them, if I remember correctly… The other three are exactly the same, except two of them have 4 slots for MVS artwork on the top.

I’m going to get some more pictures of them this week when I get to the storage place.

EDIT: Pics are here, below are some close-ups and pictures of the exact machines for sale.

Neo 29 front:

Neo 29 damage:

Second Neo 29:

Second Neo 29 closeup:

Second Neo 29 panel:

Here is the Super Neo 29:

Super Neo 29 panel:

Super Neo 29 full:

The top two are the two MVS machines - one of them has a damaged front panel (the metal is bent, second pic) but otherwise it is fine. The second machine (has the Twinkle Star marquee) needs new capacitors on the monitor. I’m going to bring them out of storage, clean them up, and replace the capacitors on that monitor.

The Super Neo 29 is the jamma cabinet.


All of these books are from Japan and in mint condition.


Softcover. Picture set here (not pictures of my books, someone else’s, but they have pages I didn’t take photos of):

Pictures of the books I have:


Back cover:

Inside photos:

I have two of these, both are in plastic bags, they seem to be unread and unused. $30 OBO. Shipping is probably going to be anywhere from $5 - $15 depending on how fast you want it.

.hack // analysis

Seems to be for the PS2 game. Softcover.



$35 OBO. Shipping will be similar to the SNK book.

Chobits Fan Book

Softcover. I believe it also has trading cards inside it. I had two of these, sold one (the one I took pictures of), and the other one is unopened. I was told by the person who bought one that it had cards in.



$40 OBO.

All About Chobits

This is about the anime. Has pictures of the voice actor cast, storyboards, etc. Soft cover.



$30 OBO.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: ETERNAL MATERIALS

A new and almost mint artbook. I say almost mint because there is slight wear on the top and bottom of the book spine (see pictures) from being on the shelf for years. It does have the obi and cards. It has 160 colour B5 pages and an Official Materials art collection DVD (I haven’t opened it to watch it so I don’t know what’s on it). Almost all in Japanese. Never read.

Cover, wear is slightly visible on the top of spine:



Wear on bottom (sorry for crap focus, camera just wouldn’t focus on this no matter how many shots I took):

$40 OBO.


Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon SOLD.

Original Japanese press. Sealed in original packaging.



Pretty Sammy manga - Chinese

No idea. Looks like volume 1 of the Magical Project S manga in Chinese. Have two of them, and they’re sealed, so I don’t know what’s inside.


$10 OBO.

Will post up more stuff as I take photos of it. To get an approximate shipping quote, my zip code is 93003. Plug it in to whatever shipping method you see fit to use (UPS/FedEx/USPS, I can do any of them) to get an approximate quote better than what I can give you.


Hitted you up!

Thanks for the interest guys! I’m going to go to the storage tonight and take some pics for you.

First post is updated with pictures of the cabinets.

Kind of off topic, but I know you have one and are trying to get rid of it. Whats the condition of the IIDX machine you have?

PM sent!

Symbolic: I actually considered posting it in here, but wasn’t sure. I decided to wait until I took some pictures. :slight_smile: It’s in pretty good condition, it shows wear, but everything works. It is an 8th style, so if you wanted to go to Empress or such, it does require a motherboard replacement, from what I’ve been told.

Celtic Moon CD is sold. Cabinets are on hold for prospective buyers.

Never got back to me on the test yet :frowning:

Still got one cabinet available. Recapped and working.