WTS: 3 Dreamgear PS3 sticks (Price lowered)


Condition is used, mostly will be for modding purposes, asking $25 each OBO +$12 shipping (1 stick, 2 or more $16), notice that I live in Mexico and shipping will be from there, insured and trackable. If you wanna get all 3, I might be able to get you a better price, so PM away!

OR Buy all 3 for $90 shipped!

Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/dmSCZ

Edit: Lowered Price, gotta get rid of these asap!! Someone throw me a bone!


Bump, more price drop, seriously don’t wanna keep these things.


These look pretty cool, how well do sanwa or seimitsu parts drop into them?


To be honest, I have no idea. But the people at the tech forum might be able to answer that for you. I believe someone modded one of these here: Newbie with a stick (dreamgear arcade fighter) help with joystick and also some discussion here: Modding an Ikan/Naki arcade stick. Is this everything I need?

Sorry I can’t help you more on this.