WTS: 3 year MSDN Premium Subscriptions


A buddy of mine is an admin for BizSpark and has a few more invitations left he wants to sell. So, I decided to try and help him out.

It’s a 3 year MSDN subscription equivalent to Visual Studio Team System Team Suite with MSDN Premium which retails at $10,939 for a new account.
If you aren’t aware of how MSDN works…
It gives you access to all Microsoft software including Visual Studio, Office, Operating systems, and Servers. You can download the files directly from MSDN and generate retail cd keys. That includes all builds of Windows 7.

He normally sells them at $500, but would be willing to sell them at $200 per subscription . That’s literally over a $10k in savings. I’ve been using my account for a couple weeks now, and it’s a frickin dream come true.

I can take pics of my account or whatever you think would verify it’s validity.
PM me for the paypal address. All I’ll need from you is your first/last name and your Windows Live email address so that it will be created in your name. Then I’ll have him send an email to that address with the invitation. One click later and it’s all yours.

Here is some more information on the subscription packages:


Edit: Here is a link to what “My Account” looks like in my subscription page (LoL at my shoddy Paint skills):



2 subscriptions sold. Only a few more left.