Wts 30gb White Video Ipod

front - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i1…nton/front.jpg
cant tell from the pic, but there are some small scratches on the surface.

back - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i1…anton/back.jpg
regular scratches, nothing very deep. just from being handled regularly.

settings - http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i1…anton/info.jpg
Proof of 30GB VIDEO. as you can see its full


pm me if youre interested or want to know anything.

hmm, ill think about it.

cool. just let me know if you want it sir.

Do all videos need to be converted into the quicktime format? Let us pretend I downloaded an AVI that only seems to work using VLC media player. Will it work on a video ipod? Sorry for the noob question, I am clueless regarding apple products.

there’s a buuunch of programs out there that convert the video to ipod compatible format
like this one

most are free too

Edit:PS…does it come with all that music on it?

lol. if you want all the music, i can leave it on for you :slight_smile:
or if you want i can reformat the hard drive. it really doesnt matter to me.
basically its like…
a bunch of hardcore, a bunch of grind, some post rock instrumental.
65/25/10 split.

Bump. 5 Dollars Cheaper. Need To Get Rid Of This Asap

what generation is this?

Looks like 5th

yeah its 5th gen. i wanna buy a new skateboard :frowning:

I Am VERY Interested, do you have aim… or some type of way i can contact you quicker than this forum?

going on ebay if no one claims it at theirs by midnight


on ebay right now.

the guy who won the auction apparantly it wasnt him bidding, so i got deleted. wouldnt even let me second chance it to the guy who paid 2 dollars under.

/kills self