WTS: 360 controller 3rd party $18

First off US only if you are international pm me first :slight_smile:
360 3rd party controller New $20 shipped


Next up Resident Evil 2 figs shipped!! ALL SOLD!!!


Sengoku Aces PVC $55 shipped SOLD


If that 3rd Party X360 Controller which Im assuming is wired works with the XConverter360 converter i might be interested…

To be honest with you I have no idea :frowning:
I also have an opened controller for 15 shipped also.

That opened controller is in what condition?

great cond. The case was tore

can you get some better pics of the RE figs? What scale is the sengoku one?

Yo sir!
Will do when I get back home tonight.
I reckon Kayori is the same size as the Shizuka PVC you had before :slight_smile:
(they were side by side when I bought her in Japan last year)

Don’t suppose you can get a ruler and find out how big she really is, even if it’s outside the box since you can see the whole figure without opening it. I only own a few figs but I don’t want one that topples the rest. :sweat: Not a bootleg, right?

I don’t think a boot has a box. Bought this in Kyoto in a Otaku store across the street from Namco Tower. If that helps

Used 360 controller sold.
Interested on other stuff will update when the items get sold.


Lots sold

price drop!