WTS: 360 Madcatz retro joystick, Xbox 360 w/ 20gb HDD, Kingdom Hearts action figure

I’ll have pics out tomorrow when i get home. Right now the prices are as follows

Madcatz retro joystick: $20 shipped

Xbox 360, 20gb HDD, 1 wireless controller, corresponding cables: $160 shipped

Kingdom Hearts Sora Final Form Action figure (once taken out of box and displayed but comes with the original box): $20 shipped

On another note WTB: Note! this is the WTB section. I’m looking to buy an adapter! not sell

working Xbox 360 wireless network adapter: $45 shipped

really embarassed to ask but also looking for some yugioh cards for pretty cheap (like $5 shipped at the most and i’ll add more to the list) <_<
Things that’ll help my spellcaster deck
mirror force
injection fairy lily
Light and Darkness dragon

edit: oh ya, don’t forget to pm me if you have an offer. I base who gets priority on an item based on the order I receive pms. I generally only check the thread once a day but i check on the inbox a couple of times a day.

that retro joystick is gonna snapped up by someone on srk in about 2 seconds.

let me know if you can sell that 20 gig hd separately

hey, that retro 360 stick, do you ship to canada?

madcatz stick sold!

ah, already?

alright, thanks anyway.

Man people will buy them for $20+? I need to start going out to all the GSs I found them at in the state man.

you will only make a couple of bucks off of that plan. $10 for the stick and then shipping being included in said price. figure about 3-5 dollar profit. but then you have to factor in gas and time…