WTS - 360 R1 TE dualmodded w/ChIMP board




I’m definitely interested in this but, I’ll have to wait until the end of the week to give you a solid answer… Where exactly are you located? I live in Yonkers. Is that close enough?


I’m from Brooklyn!


Updated OP with additional overview picture of all the items included.


Ok, perfect. I’ll definitely be getting back to you as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of getting the money together, which should be on Thursday, or Saturday the latest. Will you hold it until then?





Come to think of it, I don’t need the Pink Buttons, Pink Balltop, or the Original Art/Bezel. If you’re willing to sell it without those, how much are we looking at?

What’s a good day for us to meet up? I’m not sure if I can make it out to Brooklyn unless I get a ride… Can you meet me halfway, or something?


If you would like the one set of the buttons, I can leave in the pink or put back in the white ones. The art and bezel are free.
I can bring it down to $145.
The ChIMP board and the plexi are the biggest addons to the stick. Most used TE’s go for about $90-$100 anyhow.
If you don’t want the plexi and just want the dual mod in the stick, I can put back on the original bezel, white sanwa buttons/balltop and call it for $130.

I can meet you in Manhattan? That’s probably the most convenient location for me.


Ok. So the stick w/ the Plexi, white buttons/balltop, art and bezel, and Morrigan artwork for $145.

What day is good for you?


Sunday? Are you able to make it out to Manhattan on Sunday? We can meet in Chinatown or Midtown/Downtown.


Yea, I should be able to. I’ll let you know for sure by Saturday night.




Damn, I can’t make it out tomorrow… My ride has plans. If I can’t get a ride soon, I’ll just have to pay for it to be shipped.




If you want to trade for a PS3 80gig Backwards Compatible(ps1/ps2) one send me a PM.


Hey, if the DM TE falls through, I can take it off your hands. I’m located in the city. I’ll pm you details of my offer. This is, of course, dependant on if the next person in line doesn’t take it. Please let me know.


This is now available for grabs again.

There are now white sanwa ball top and white buttons installed instead. If you’re interested and prefer pink ones back in it, I can reinstall them or leave white ones in.

Since you’re in the city, let me know if you’re interested in picking this up in person.


Did you get my PM with my offers?


I’d be interested in the leftover buttons and balltop – I’m not too picky about the color. If you’re looking to sell those, please PM with a price, thanks!