WTS 360 SE w/ sanwa buttons and stick or original hardware

Sold and shipped. please close.

Here are a few pics. I don’t really understand uploading photos on here, which is why i originally asked for people to send me their e-mail address for photos. Let me know if these links work please!

price drop

Now considering trades.

My offer is still on the table :slight_smile:

I appreciate it bro, but i am not really interested in PSP. I am interested in trading it for another stick or collectibles. and of course it is for sale.

Oh no problem at all brother! :slight_smile: good luck with your sale/trade!

Hey Nakadash you directly upload pictures by. Clicking your photobucket album all the small picture previews should show up(thumbnails) highlight the desired thumbnail with your curse and copy the image code then cut and paste it into the thread. If you don’t sell it you can do some pretty cool customizations yourself


Thanks for the uploading tips, ethan. And I am selling this SE cause i have no use for it. I have 2 TE’s, and Qanba Q4RAF and another SE.

How much are you selling it for now, and how long will you be selling it for? If you dont sell it relatively soon, I may be interested.

Interested. PM’d

those pics make me sad. that stick needs some love!

@suppage It is for sale til it is sold, and the price is in the OP.

@apple arcade Yea this stick needs to be adopted! Someone give it a good home and some custom art!

Still available!!

Sold and shipped, please close.