Wts: 360 t.e. Pcb


360 pcb out of MvC stick. complete
$40 shipped priority mail and tracking on hold maybe

madkats fight pad pcb, hacked, short wires that will work with a terminal strip
$30 shipped

madkats common ground pcb, hacked with wires, not the prettiest but it works
$30 shipped sold

old school hori fighting stick PS good shape. all original

i have the bottom plate, i just took off to show guts
$35 shipped or make me an offer sold

P.M. if interested, thank you


Your mail box is full. Do you still have the PCB for sale?


Damn I missed out. I was looking for a TE 360 pcb.


in box is cleared, sorry

still for sale right now


added some stuff


dropped prices


4716 sold