WTS: 360 TE and 360 Hori RAP-EX

Have 5 joysticks sitting around. No real need to keep them all. Only keeping the 2-3 I play on regularly. These sticks are in perfect working order. I just got the bug and started modding more and more sticks…

TE mods: Tek Innovations Full TE plex, 6 pink Sanwa buttons, 2 black/gray Sanwa buttons, Pink bubble top ball top.

Hori Mods: Tek Innovations Replacement Plexi (Neon Green), Top Mount screws, (8) white Siemitsu screw on buttons, (2) Neon green/black Start/select buttons, White Ball top. I have to check, but I believe I wired it to match that of a TE (got sick of having to switch buttons around.)

Asking $150 + shipping for TE, $125+ shipping for Hori. Thank you guys.

Not sure if I’m asking too much so pm me with any offers.

Sent you a PM~

Sent one as well