WTS 360 TE Fightstick NIB, Batman AA DLC, WTT 360 Fightpad for PS3 Fightpad


I just realized my wall of text could be mildly annoying, so I decided to put an abridged version right here.


360 TE Fightstick, Sealed, $120+shipping

  • Willing to trade for a nice Happ stick, either PS3 or 360 is fine.

Batman AA: Dem Bones DLC XBOX360, $10 for the code, $10.50 to mail the sticker!


360 Fightpad (Ryu or Chun-li) for PS3 Fightpad.

Read this if you want to see how horrible I am at posting Sale Threads:

Over the course of the last few months my buddies and I were planning on building a little SF4 alcove in my pool house. Well anyway, time got the better of us and I’m selling off some of the SFIV stuff we’ve gathered.

I have:
2x 360 TE Fightsticks, Sealed New ** (1 SOLD)**
2x PS3 TE Fightsticks, Sealed New (1 SOLD LOCALLY) (1 Pending)
1x 360 Street Fighter 4 (SOLD)
1x PS3 Street Fighter 4 (SOLD)
All BNIB / Sealed

**1x 360 TE Fightstick Left, All SF4 copies have been sold.

No seriously, if you have a nice Happ stick to trade for this thing… I’m all ears.**

If you’re interested in Local Pickup (Las Vegas, NV), then disregard shipping costs. In fact, I’d definitely prefer a local sale for the Fightsticks.

I’m asking for $120 + shipping for the TE sticks and $25 + shipping for the software.

I’m also not opposed to trades. Willing to trade a TE Fightstick for your nicest Happ Arcade stick. Straight layout, preferrably 8 buttons just for easy navigation. Preferrably PS3 or 360 but if you have one dual modded I’ll throw in + cash. (send me pics!)

I’m also willing to trade any of the SF4 for PS3/360 for a Sealed Retail PC version + $10, just to cover shipping costs and the fact that it’s on sale for $20 on steam right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I also would like to trade one of my 360 Fightpads (One Chun-Li, one Ryu) for a PS3 Fightpad.

Pics are available upon request, but you’ll have to settle for iPhone pics unless you really need me to search my closet for my digital camera :(.

Phew, now putting SF4 stuff aside… I have a DLC code for the Dem Bones Challenge Map for Batman AA on the 360. **Edit: ** My buddy gave me his Dem Bones code, so I guess this is now for sale. **$15 **for the code (I’ll probably post this on ebay since it’ll go quick there), pm me if interested.

Oh… and I just wanted to do an interest check to see if any SRKers were interested in local Padhacking and Dual Modding services in Las Vegas, NV. Maybe even shipping to adjacent states. I have a ton of PSX pcb’s that I’ve padhacked for fun and might put up for sale here if people will bite.

Services would include:
Pad Hacking, Dual Modding with Imp + Cthu or a Madcatz 360 PCB (with triggers of course!) + Imp. I can also modify T5 and FS3/Wii Hori sticks with sanwa parts without hassle. Each mod will take roughly 2 weeks due to time constraints, but I’ll probably try and work something out to shorten this timeframe.

Ebay feedback.

Two questions on the 360 copy of SFIV:

  • Condition?

  • Would you do $25 shipped?

Hey Reiniku,

I recently decided to buy a PS3 and so I’m trying to get a copy of SF4 and a stick for the PS3 and moving away from the PC version.

So I’d buy the PS3 stick. So let me know if you are interested, you can PM me here, or email me at Ukalali@ufl.edu (email would be best, I’m not sure if I can receive PMs yet).

Just lemme know how much it would come out to with shipping to Gainesville, FL (zip is 32605) and we can figure something out.


Ah, my apologies. Both copies of SF4 are new and sealed. Dan’s Student, $25+shipping is fairly firm but since you’re in California it should only cost me $2 to ship. So you’re looking at $27. At least that’s what it cost the last time I did it.

Oli 00, I’ll be straight with you. I’m fairly certain it would cost well over $30 to ship the stick all the way to Florida (unless someone has an alternative method). I feel you might be better off purchasing it from an online retailer at that distance. My only concern is that I did prefer to have a new retail key of SF4, I’m not sure how GFWL works but it might already be linked to your account.

Sorry for the vagueness of my posts, I’ll edit it to be more clear on certain things.

^ Oli, cannot trade on the forums until your six months is up.

Kazujiro: Sorry forgot about that, edited my post.

Reiniku: Yeah shipping would be a bit too much I think, thanks though. GL with the sales.

Unfortunately I do not want to breach the trading rules, this being my first FS/FT thread and all, having barely gotten out of the 6 month period myself. I do appreciate the offer and after looking into how GFWL keys work, I probably would have accepted (so long as you were the only person using the key).

Sorry, best regards in finding a stick!

No worries, I forgot all about the 6mo period, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I am still interested in buying the PS3 copy though, how much do u think it would be total (with shipping) to 32605 Gainesville, Florida?

$30 flat and it’s yours.

Cool, I’m gonna call my local gamestop tmrw and make sure I can’t find one for cheap. If I can’t find one , then I’ll post tomorrow and we can figure out the details. If you can hold it until then that would be great.


Forget I even asked dude :tup: $25 + shipping is great. Anyways I would love to take that copy of SFIV for the 360 off your hands! Ready to pay!

EDIT: I just noticed that your TE sticks are sealed too. (Obviously a selling point for me =P) How much would shipping be for both a copy of the 360 game + 360 TE stick?

If USPS.com’s estimator can be trusted then shipping should cost roughly $15 to Anaheim, CA (I used zipcode 92801, please tell me if it otherwise so I can recalculate) via Priority, taking 2 days.

Edit: Fedex also available for the same price.

Sure thing. Just so you know the game is $40 new at GameStop, $35 used. Adding tax, well… y’know. :wink:

I also calculated the shipping cost of the TE stick to zipcode 32605 out of curiosity, and it seems to be a fairly reasonable $20. $130 shipped is still a better deal of course.

92804, I doubt there’s any difference lol.

I will then take your finest sealed copy of SFIV and the TE stick, both for 360, my good man. :tup:

Ready to pay, just hit me up a PM with the paypal address.

Just checked, no difference. YGPM. :wink:

Ah and just a note, I will probably be mailing everything out Tuesday/Wednesday in hopes of letting a few sales pile up and shipping it all out at once. Plus, they’ll be closed on Labor Day.

But I want it now! :crybaby:

PM’d back! :tup:


Yeah I checked a few places and $30 new for a PS3 copy sounds like a steal. I’m able to pay for it all tonight (I’m assuming paypal). Here is my email: Ukalali@ufl.edu. If you want to send me an invoice, or an email then we can trade information and get the transaction underway. I’ll be gone most of the day at a football game, but I can send the money later tonight.


Sounds good, YGPM.

Okay, I’ve got everything that’s sold packed up, I’ll be mailing everything first thing Wednesday morning, so if anyone wants that last 360 TE stick then now’s the time to pm me.

Sounds good bro. :tup: :rofl: