WTS: 360 TE Round 1 Stick & Custom Wireless PS3 stick

All prices include shipping, paypal only, U.S. only:

SOLD - XBOX 360 TE Round 1 Stick
Comes with a clear 6 button polycarbonate template to easily swap out the art, Sanwa JLF stick with an octagonal gate, & clear seimitsu buttons. I’ll also include the original art template and sanwa buttons that it originally came with.

$160 - PS3 Wireless stick with a Custom African Padauk Hardwood Case, PS3 Six Axis controller w/Axisdaptor, Sanwa JLF w/ octagonal gate, and seimitsu buttons. Has a magnetized bottom for easy access to charge the controller through usb.

Please PM if interested. Thanks!

PM’ed for the 360 stick

What are the dimensions of the Padauk case?

I think Its a tad bit smaller than the TE, but I’ll get the exact dimensions when I get off of work.

payment sent for the TE stick, thanks

360 TE Stick is SOLD

what do you mean by “magnetized bottom”?

There is no screws to hold down the bottom panel, instead magnets are used. Makes it really easy to pop off and gain access to everything.