WTS: 360 TE Round 2 + Art's Extended Plexi + Art



I’ve got a TE Round 2 stick that I’ve owned for ~2 months. It has seen very little use, probably ~15 hours and works perfectly. It has a few scuffs, nothing major and is still in great condition. It will come with one of Art’s extended plexiglass tops that has both 360 and ps3 inputs ingraved as well as “CommanderCup” under the guide/turbo box as well as custom artwork. I’ll also include the original vinyl artwork and frame if you want to swap back out and you’ll get the original box + documentation + headset adapter as well.

$105 Shipped via UPS Ground


Price drop to $100




great stick.


If you still have this available at midweek, I may buy this from you. I am waiting for some money to come in before I totally commit. I am interested, however!






Stick received, and it looks great. I didn’t think I’d be a big fan of the extended plexi look, but I kind of enjoy it. Thanks!