WTS: 3rd Stike PCB, Cdrom, Sercurity Cart


Curious if there is any interest in these anymore. Looks like they are going from 325-400 on ebay when I see them.

Been running in my arcade for about a year. It’s the Asia version that has been upgraded to the latest build. From what I understand it can be downgraded, I just never bothered to try it.

I have not replaced the battery, but told it was done about 3 years ago when I bought it, but I would recommend getting it done sometime so you know for sure.

It’s the PCB, CDRom, and Sercurity Cart. I can post pictures of the PCB mounted in my cabinet along with a video of it working if need be.

If you are interested, just PM me an offer.




It’s listed above, Asia. Or is that not what you mean?


This might be a tough sell with online edition coming out so soon. If online edition becomes the tournament standard that it looks like it will be, the price on this might go way down.

Cps2 super turbo gets big money because it is the definitive version, was never ported to console in an arcade perfect form, and as such is clearly the best way to play it. Capcom seems to have learned their lesson and is doing 3rd strike right and arcade perfect. Hence why I don’t think you are going to get much interest in it right now.


Yeah, which is why I am selling it now :). I figured selling it on SRK was long shot, but thought maybe there was an arcade out there that might want it. I will probably sell via KLOV or I may have to ebay it. ug.


Yea…Asia version doesn’t help either. People want the characters to say shoryuken, hadoken etc


sorry for some reason only the first sentence of your post was readable, the part where you said it was asian was the same color as my background.

3rd strike pcbs are definitely in demand even if 3rd strike online is coming out. nothing will ever be “arcade perfect” unless its arcade.

you might have a harder time selling because its new type and the asian version though. double whammy.

good luck with your sale!


If you don’t sell by september 6th, send me a messege.