WTS: 3rd Strike Arcade Cabs for Sale

2 New Astro City Cabs/Jap 3rd Strike Kit/Sanwa buttons and sticks/
Buyer pays/handles all shipping arrangements
Everything is in pretty damn good condition compared to other Astro’s I’ve seen.
Monitors still look nice and don’t notice any burn in.

$1,000 starting bid.

Ebay Rating- http://myworld.ebay.com/juno0synth/


Email me at Juno0Synth@yahoo.com for questions.




is it $1000 for both cabs, or $1000 each?

If you want to do bidding, you have to list the auction like eBay and post the link. There is no bidding on these forums. Read the rules.


i want those:hitit:


Alright since I can’t bid I’ll be asking $1,200 for everything.

Location is Castle Rock, CO.

Why you selling them? Trying to save up for the VF5:R cabs?!?!?!?!

Back on topic, I can vouch for those cabs. Played on them and they are a thing of beauty.

Those are fucking nice, i wish i had the space!

Is this with shipping? And is it each or for the pair?

Seconded. Also, just READING the thread title gave me a boner.

How much for just Third Strike if that is possible?

Email sent

PM sent first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I had the money and space for that. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. :sad:

I remember when you posted these in the “Post your setup” thread. They look amazing.

Good luck with the sale.

Those cabs are so cool.

man these are sweet! if i had the money/space i would totally get these! good deal. whoever buys is a lucky person

Ok, so this is posted, and I was told that $1,500 was (high offer) offered, so I’m a little confused, i thought there was no bidding going on here.

Same, I agree 1500 would be above the ceiling on market value. 1200 for both used, I would say would the market value at max but dunno. If its indeed 1500, I hope you get it seller, since it benefits you ;), but its way out of my range.

Yeah, I’m really bummed because the price keeps rising apparently. :frowning: I was really interested, and I have no idea where to find these anywhere else. :confused: