WTS: 4 Forstner Drill Bits for making your own sticks. $15 shipped


$12.50 shipped now.


I have 4 Forstner bits for sale here. They made pretty much all the sticks I’ve ever made.

Their sizes are 24mm, 1 1/8", 30mm, and 1 5/8".

The 24mm and 30mm are used for the Sanwa buttons and the 1 1/8" is used for HAPP buttons. The 1 5/8" was used during the beginning the first couple production of my sticks to drill underneath the button holes to fit the nuts for the buttons. However, I didn’t really use it towards the end as I figured out a new design. The 24mm is made by CMT and the others are I think the Woodriver by Woodcraft brand.

Oh, and the 30mm bit is extremely dull but it still works. I only recommend using these in a drill press btw.

I’m looking to get $12.50 shipped for all of them.


Price Drop. $12.50 shipped


this is really a spectacular deal for someone that wants to start making their own arcade stick. i think i spent like 50 bucks and a lot of time trying to find these, the sizes aren’t very common…at least not in toronto…