WTS: 4 Painted cases


*Have one more for sale at the moment. It has 8 buttons on top, 3 24mm side buttons on the LEFT (not like the one in the picture below which has it on the right), and a neutrik USB hole on the back. The rest of the cases are at home, and I have about 5 more.

LAST ONE I HAVE FOR ABOUT 2 WEEKS: $45 + shipping.

Hi everyone,

I have 4 MDF cases that are painted white here for sale. (1 is messed up though a little and thus $10 discount).

Each case features:
-Several layers or primer, base coat, and clear coat for the painting process.
-MDF construction
-2 brad nails in each corner for added strength.
-Fully painted and ready for buttons
-Polycarbonate top for artwork underneath.

It fits 1 neutrik USB adapter in the back, 3 24mm buttons on the side (non-recessed), 8 sanwa SCREW-IN buttons, and a Sanwa JLF with flat mounting plate.

The paint jobs aren’t perfect, but they are still very good in my opinion. The finish has like 5 - 10 layers of primer from what I remember, 5 - 10 coats of white paint, and then 5 coats of clear.

I’m looking to get $45 each + shipping for the normal ones.

Edit: Money made from this may go to a charity cycling ride (BP MS150) that funds multiple sclerosis research. It will definitely go to the ride if I can find someone who would go with me :).


For the messed up one, it has developed a crack in the PAINT because I had it at the bottom of a bag with no cushion during transport and repeatedly dropped the bag. Or not exactly dropped, but not put down gently. Keep in mind that each corner has 2 brad nails. I’m looking to get $45 + shipping for this one.

Messed up corner:

As always, PM or post here if interested!

Thank you very much,


How much for the messed up one to 92865 for a returning customer? =]


I’ll take one 78221


Server error. Cannot respond to you through PM’s. Please contact me at satek.kates@gmail.com


1 Sold.

I just looked at the cases again, one is actually a 6 button case, but still remains the same size. The other one is an 8 button case, but with the 24mm buttons on the left side rather than the right.

I will post up pictures tomorrow.


Ok, here is a picture of the 6 button one. I still have this one, an 8 button with the side buttons on the left rather than the right, and the messed up case up there.

I am also doing a small price drop reflected in the original post.




6 button one is sold. I still have an 8 button one with the side buttons on the left as well as the messed up one. Price drop on the messed up one. $35 + shipping.


PM’d and emailed about the messed up one. =P


Only 1 left. The 8 button one with the side buttons on the left!

I will have more brought up to me from my friend who’s going back to my hometown this weekend. I think I will have about 5 more for a total of 6.


Another price drop! Now $45 + shipping. Probably the lowest I will go since painting these took me forever and they went for $35 unpainted.