WTS: 4 QCFGaming 6 Button Sanwa Plexi's - Vewlix Layout * More Strength in Corners


Hey guys,

Last of my MDF boxes here, except 1 more, but didn’t finish it yet.

My next batch will be in poplar (at a small price increase) and I will prob have more than 4, just finished off my last pieces of MDF. With poplar, you won’t have to seal the edges or anything before you paint.

I have added more strength to the corners now by nailing in 2 inch brads into each corner with a brad nail gun. It adds a lot more strength now. (The last picture will show the nails)

Anyways, these will be $35 + $10 shipping.

Post in here if you want to buy, and I will go in the order of who posts first!
Posts in here get priority over PM; so post here first, then PM me if you want one.



Hey Satek, I want a poplar case :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely take one. I can always use an extra all purpose case. PM me.


I’ll take one of these, thanks.


very interested in a poplar case. subscribed! :tup:


Yo Satek. Well it’s that time. The end of the Summer. You still want to sell your equipment? Hit me up PM and let me know. I will for sure put them to good use. Let me know. GL with the final sales.


ill buy one… can u PM me on payment?


If there is any available PM me if none of above could purchase. Thanks.


will the poplar cases be 6 or 8 buttons?


Got payment, thanks!

Not sure yet, I think I’ve changed my mind to keep it for later on in life.



8 button size most likely.


Save one of those 8 button poplars for me…


I’d like a poplar case too if available.

Also wondering, can you put Neutrik USB slot in there?


PM me if you still have any of the MDF ones left. Thanks.


Still have 2 left due to no response from interested buyers.


pmed you, Ill take one if you have one still


I’d be interested in a poplar case, though are you able to make a Neutrik slot and have it as 6-button straight instead of vewlix?


Do you still have any left? I am interested. Please PM me. Thanks.