WTS: 4-Slot Neo-Geo Cab w/new Happ Sticks/Buttons & Overlay


I have a 4-slot Neo-Geo motherboard and cabinet that I acquired a few years ago. It was one of my prides since I was an 18-year old with an arcade cab in his room. I went so far as to clean the entire motherboard with q-tips to have it in tip-top shape when I first played it :rofl:. In any case, I purchased and installed new Happ competition sticks, buttons and a new Neo-Geo control panel overlay. I’m not sure on the price, but from some basic ebay prices on 4-slots, cabs and the few additional things that I did I think $600-700 is a fair price. I’m not an expert on arcade pricing, thus I am open to any honest suggestions. The arcade is pickup only, and is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Lastly, I have some MVS games for it as well. It you are interested in those with the arcade–or even separate–then please let me know. These do not have to be pickup.


Thank-you for looking and if you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.


Hey how about you give me this cab for stealing our Sonics? I think this will help mend things a bit…Looks cool, always wanted a Neo-Geo cab…

Sheesh, we already got a losing season and were ranked 4th worst in the division…I guess we could get worse and then have it be 30-years until we win the title, if ever. Doesn’t that sound fair?

; )

BTW, someone asked about the MVS games I had for sale. They are:

Garou: Mark of the Wolves /w custom Shock Box $110
Last Blade 1 /w custom Shock Box $60
Last Blade 2 /w custom Shock Box $95
SVC: Chaos /w custom Shock Box and original factory box $85-110
Samurai Shodown III /w custom Shock Box and original inserts $50
Kizuna Encounter /w custom Shock Box $100-130
Art of Fighting 3, Loose $30
KOF '94, Loose $25
Real Bout Fatal Fury, Loose $30
Samurai Shodown, Loose $20
Samurai Shodown II, Loose $20
Samura Shodown IV, Loose $40
World Heroes, Loose $20
World Heroes Perfect, Loose $45

I’m not an arcade expert, so these prices can probably be negotiated if there is good reason to think that they are too high. Generally, these are lower than most of the lowest ebay prices.

can you sell the 4 slot mobo by itself? just a question, is not that im going to buy it, i want to get one, but i have to buy some other thing i need to buy first, but if it is for sale, and i get the money i prolly buy it.

PM sent.

well if you were closer… I’m still looking for a super clean neo geo cab to add that can sit in between my SF2 and my 4-player multi-cab