WTS 405mw Blue Burning Laser + extras


So, I was going to put this up on eBay, but I figured it’d be F-ed up not to see if any of mah nerds in the FGC would be interested first; I figure if I’m into this stuff, you guys will dig it too.

So what I got today is a Blu Ray burning laser I got a couple years ago. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘burning laser’ is, youtube it. I think the nerds of my generation really loved lasers, to the point where we were paying $50 bucks for shitty ass 5mw laser points at Spencers just so we could put dem laser outlines on our teachers nanas. But what we all really wanted was a god damned Star Trek style phaser (which someone has made with a 1W Blu Ray laser, once again, youtube). While this won’t kill a marauding Vulcan, it will burn a buncha stuff.

So what’s for sale?
1 Blu Ray Burning Laser; I believe this is a 405mw 445nm Blu Ray laser, though I’m not exactly sure what the specs are. In general, green lasers are best for signaling/visualizations, red are solid because of price and availability of diodes, and violet lasers are best for burning power. Meaning that a 200mw Blu Ray laser potentially burns better than a 500mw red one, but this is just a generalization.

2x Photolithium 3.6v CR2 rechargeable batteries. These are most key. I haven’t used this laser in a year, because I never got a charger for these, and other batteries of similar size and voltage don’t work. I originally bought 4, and when they ran out of juice, I just stored the laser away. Let me restate this: YOU MUST USE 3.6v CR2 PL batteries! Others may fit, may even power up, but you won’t be doing any burning.

a few uranium doped marbles; These add to the just weird oddity factor of having a high powered laser. Basically, if you shine a blue or violet laser through them, they slow down the beam and light up in a really, other worldly… kind of uh, Legacy of Kain-esque way? They get real pretty and glowly. Whatever.

I’m looking to get $80 + shipping (probably around 5-10) for the lot.

I’m also willing to include a 500mw Red Burning Laser. I have only seen this thing work once, because I broke a small metal connector the day I got it. The diode is still good, and any modders or electronic savy mugs out there could probably fix this with a second of solder and a piece of tin foil, but I cannot. This one actually uses standard AAs I believe. Let’s say… an extra $20 to include this guy.

Blu-Ray Laser


Red Laser


I used to have youtube vids of me lighting dutches with these guys, but who knows where they are now. Just search for ‘burning lasers’ and you’ll see what these things are all about. I was going to put the eBay “Buy it Now” Price at $120 for the Blu Ray and $45 for the red one. So it’s a solid discount for my FGC brothas. Let me know of you have any questions.



I’m also willing to hear ideas about trade + some cash. I’m open to any ideas.

Also, I need to put a disclaimer here: You know that warning they put on laser pointers? That’s pretty much bs. But I believe this laser is a Class3b. It will burn you if you make a concerted effort to focus the beam on your skin. Don’t Do That. Obviously NEVER point these at yours or anyone’s eyes.