WTS 40GB PS3- has broken drive motor: PRICE DROP

Like the title says, I’m lookign to sell a PS3 40GB but has a broken BD Drive motor and won’t read discs. All the other functions still work, and I believe you can also get it fixed for 90 bucks here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250482834303), through Sony for a bit more, or use for spare parts. I got a ps3 slim as a replacement, so that’s why I’m trying to sell instead of getting it repaired myself. Asking $100 plus shipping.

If there is any interest shown, I’ll post pics

$80 + shipping

i got the same prob on my backwards compatablie ps3 do you know how much sony charges off hand?

about $150 I think

it was like $162 with shipping/tax (i live in CA) when i sent my ps3 in for repair.

Good luck with the sale.

bumping for more interest check.

had the same issue i think with my ps3 60gb. freezing issue. so i jsut bought a slim. :wink: where can i get mine repaired instead of sony.


(just to be clear this is not my auction or anyone i’m affiliated with- I just found this a while back, but I thought I’d try selling my ps3 as-is in case someone else wanted to fix it themselves for cheaper or something)

Free bump, plus word of warning for the 60gb backwards compatible PS3’s. I’ve been hearing that Sony will ship back a PS3 without bc, so get it fixed by a third party if you want to keep it.

^ I’ve never heard that, although it’s possible under the terms of their warranty service in the owner’s manual.

bumping to get back on track. Still looking to sell


$90 + shipping

dropping one more time to** 80+ shipping**, then I 'll try ebay. They go for more, but stupid ebay fees eat most of the difference : /

All other functions work fine- it still plays media via streaming or usb device, has internet capabilit to play games and movies downloaded from psn etc. Just needs repair to play disc based media.

FYI modchipman.com does the blu-ray drive repair for about $150.

Sony’s repair is the same price, but I guess that’s good to know. I saw a repair service for $89 on eBay a while back, but it looks like it’s gone now.

i also recommend finding someone locally via craigslist. they might do it way cheaper since no.1 you’ll save like 60 bucks for shipping both ways and no.2 you can sit there and wait for em to do it in front of you. it might be a cheap alternative for anyone interested, just sayin.

WHAT?! Talk about your revisionist history. Man, don’t even get me STARTED on Sony…

Anyway, I bought a Playstation 3 with a broken Blu-Ray drive not so long ago. I suspect the laser in this one is fine, but the mechanisms that draw the disc in and push it out are totally borked. I’m hoping to pop the laser and controller into another drive with a burned out laser. It’s a pretty ambitious project but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, so I’m fairly confident that I can get the machine back on its feet without Sony’s help(ing itself to my money).