WTS 40gig PS3 w/7games and 2 Custom sticks

I am selling a 40gig PS3 (fat) used for stick testing (runs great).
Only has roughly 40-50 hours of play time, comes with 2 wireless controllers (non DS).
Installed games: Marvel vs Capcom 2, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Bowling, Tekken5 DR, Super Rub a Dub, Castlevania SOTN, Street Fighter Alpha

PS3 w cables and vga cable 200.00 shipped


Dual mod LED W/ light up balltop and buttons (ps360) Custom 250.00 shipped



Happ Stick (no pcb) with buttons and Happ stick 140 shipped




PayPal only, No Trades
Item ships from Sacramento CA 95823
Also available for local pickup if in the Sacramento area.

Price Bump, Added pics


210 shipped :slight_smile:

souji, u in a hurry to sell this? i’d like to pick it up but im going out of town this weekend and wont be free til saturday 9/10.

does this come with the tv + power cables?

It does come with the power cord, standard and VGA cables. I am looking to sell these items ASAP though so its going to have to go to the first bidder in this case.


You got any pics of your dual mod stick in the dark with the led on?

I have a youtube video of the LED’s in action :slight_smile:

Final price drop on the console, added games.

That stick is amazing man, I love the LED setup on that.

I agree! Can we see pics of the bottom & insides? Damn good price too! :wink:

Pm sent

Sent a pm

That stick is pretty slick looking. You’re located in Sacramento, man?! Had no idea one of the most prominent stick makers was from Sac too.

Good luck on the sale!

does that happ t-hawk stick accept other sticks such as ls-32-01?