WTS: 5 MDF Sanwa Cases $37.50 shipped



I haven’t posted here in awhile and just had 5 leftover cases that just need some layouts drilled on top, which I will do once ordered.

Anyways, I have 2 cases with a hardiboard bottom (the darker color in the picture) and 3 cases with MDF bottoms. there will be 4 screws in each corner (not shown in picture on the bottom, but not the top. The top see through polycarbonate will be held in by screw-in buttons only, so these cases are for screw-ins only. The back has 3 recessed slots for 24mm screw-in buttons and 1 slot for a neutrik adapter.

The corners have 1" brads in them for added strength in addition to glue. They are just regular butt joints.

You can pick several layouts, whether it be vewlix, astro city, or even the hitbox style case; just let me know.

Mounting hardware will be included to mount your joystick. Only the flat plated Sanwa JLF is guaranteed to fit.

I am willing to sell the cases without holes drilled, but with the screws and mounting hardware included for $30 shipped.

I don’t think my cases are as good quality as Nitewalker’s, but I don’t think when he’ll have them back in stock! :slight_smile:

As always, PM or post here if interested,






Interested in one with a vewlix layout. How much shipped 92865?

Just wondering what are the box measurements and weight?

Hi, shipping is flat rate $10 to anywhere in the US.

Box measurement is 13.5" x 9.25" x 2.25". I think it was either 9.25" or 9.5". I forget which one it was.

Pm let me know. Thanks.

Payment sent for 4 empty Cases. Thanks. :tup:

I wouldn’t say my cases are better, just different. :slight_smile: For the price they are, your cases can’t be beat.
And yeah, no more MDF for me. The dust is killer. I’m sticking with solid wood from now on.

Buy with confidence.