WTS: (5) Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick


[S]Hey everyone, for sale i have five Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joysticks they are all brand new, never been used and they all have black shafts with a black washer, square gates and a white balltop. Amazon messed up my order and for some reason they sent me these to make up for it. These usually go for 25 bucks, but i’m letting em go for 15. Im paying for the shipping. pics will be up soon. To purchase, just send the money through paypal.[/S]** SOLD**

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I’ll take one!




I’ll take one. I’ll pm when I get home. Away from computer right now.

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alrighty, talk to you soon


I’ll take 2 please!


okay, sweet. PM me


pm sent


pm sent


only one more left guys, gotta a couple people wanting them but havent replied yet, first come first serve please make sure it’s still available, good luck :slight_smile:


Did everyone get their JLF’s without any issues? I haven’t gotten a reply from Parahnoia in a bout week, I’m a little worried.


Not yet.

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Last I heard he shipped Friday.


Nothing yet


I haven’t gotten any package and no pm from him in over a week. gonna have to file a paypal dispute.


Started my paypal complaint yesterday. He’s been on in the last few days. The points I bought from him were good no issues with those at all. But the jlf is a different story.


I haven’t received the joystick either. He said he would ship on jun 28th.