WTS: (6) Dark Hai OBSF's, (1) Seimitsu LS32, (1) Sanwa JLF and extra


Got afew things i want to sale out of one of my T5 stick, decided to go all Seimitsu.

-(6) lightly used Dark Hai Sanwa OBSF buttons. They were in the same stick that im selling my JLF out of. Buttons were hardly used and may have minor surface scratches. Other than that, Great Condition.
$20 shipped (SOLD)

-Used LS32 Round Gate
$5.50 shipped

-(4) new sanwa flat mounting plates.
$5.50 shipped

-Also have a barely used Sanwa JLF. Comes with flat mounting plate, white ball top and square gate. This was in one of my T5 sticks and was barely used since i spend more time modding sticks than i do playing on my own stick.
The gate has 4 holes for mounting it in a t5 stick. Does not effect playability if put in another stick, and makes it putting in another hori stick easier.
$25 shipped(disassembled) (SOLD)

pic of where the gate has holes.


Can provide pics if needed.


Have one potential trade. Anyone else interested


might do it too.


Trade fell through. Updated my trade for an ls32-01


Updated sale list


ill give you $20 shipped for the jlf if no one takes it.


Ill keep you in mind NIsmo. Waiting for a reply on that one.
sound good?


I need a mounting plate. PM me your paypal.




Might be interested in the buttons and maybe one of the sticks, if they are still around when I get to you modding my stick for me may work out a deal.


JLF and Buttons have been Sold.
Sorry Devil.


you parted the jlf? do you still have the gate prepped for a t5 stick?


yea, i sold the whole jlf. Gate was included



what about the ls32 stick?


oopps, sorry. Decided to keep this one. Installed it in my primary tekken 5 stick.


:frowning: i have a tekken 5 stick and i wanted to change the stick


Sorry. just in case you didnt know. Installing an LS32 into a t5 case requires abit of work. Not as simple as putting a jlf in.