Wts: 60gb BC Ps3

selling a 60gb BC ps3.



will power with the button, but for some reason it wont power off with the button.
works fine besides that.
you get power cable + av + six axis controller
$185 + shipping. no original box

femme fatale dual modded with a Chimp + jynx feet

Chun Li te dual modded. chimp + fightpad + imp v2 +jynx feet

all prices somewhat negotiable.
paypal only.

drools that femme stick, I wish I had the extra money

Pmed. I will take Femme.

femme pending.

How much for femme fatale cuz ill take it. Also can you post pictures of actual stick unless it was never opened. If it wasn’t opened I would gladly pay more.

FF is sold.

chun li and ps3 are still up. still obo.

bump price drops.
making it clear that i hate paying for shipping ;_;

Just out of curiosity how much did the Femme Fatale stick go for?


I would have paid more, wish I would have seen this earlier…

Nice! Femme Fatale sticks are so hard to come by nowadays.

I’m sure that it only takes a OK from you and it’s back on production again #Markmanlegends :tup:

^^Markman said he was never a fan of the Femme lol. I said the same Brazil. I wished he would of put that FF or Chun back in production. However hopefully he features another female char on a limited edition TE stick soon! Cmon Markman whats up?

210 for a like new Femm is a steal, gj dude, hopefully they make another Limited TE like that one soon. Itching to buy a stick bad.

pm sent for chunners

bump. price drop

Since its a chimp and a fight pad, does the turbo panel even work?

it was being funky at first with the dual mod.
i decided to just scrap it and use a CHIMP instead.
you use the HOME button to swap consoles, but that’s about it.

edit: the pcb worked perfectly for ps3 only. i just dont feel like seperating it.

pm sent

what’s the firmware on the PS3?