WTS: 6x Magenta Seimitsu PS-15s 30mm Low Profile Snap ins


I have for sale 6 PS-15 Magenta Snap ins. not for sale. Need them for test fitting.
Perfect for a low profile case mod or for stick themeed for a Morrigan or Sentinel, or anybody who wears Magenta.

Edit all sold.




Sold. Heading to post office in a bit.


All Sanwas Sold. Heading to post office in a bit.

PS-15 Magenta’s still left. Great for a Morrigan theme.


Are the tabs bent on the ps-15s?


Yes the terminals where bent slightly to fit inside a very small case 1 inch thick case with quick disconnects. Switches on Japanese push buttons can actually be bent a quite little bit before the metal will fatigue and break off. I’ve bent OBSB 30’s 90 degrees with no problem. Bending it back and fourth 2 times will probably break them.


got my buttons today, great seller here


damn that was fast. I decided to take the Magenta’s off the market. I need them for something…