WTS 6x Seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons


Ok I got 6 blue Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm buttons for sale. their exactly like these on LizardLicks site.


I’ll let these go for $17 shipped.

I also am looking to do a straight up trade, my black Bat Top for a ball top of any color to put on my hori ex2(preferably white, but any color will do.) It comes with an adapter for you to put on any joystick you have.

its this one here

Paypal only. no international shipping. you guys know the deal…


Are they blue and new? I’ll take them if the color isn’t Pink or Purple, etc.


If Kyle doesn’t get it im interested in the Seimitsu buttons, i think i also have a green ball


I’m interested as well, what color are they?


Yes they are blue. They’re still available

I have an offer on the bat top which I think I’m going to go with, so consider that out.


Blue is fine by me. I assumed the worst since everyone seems to have a thing for weird Pink Anime sticks. If they’re new send over your PayPal info and I’ll get you paid.


PM sent. everything’s sold now.


i want the bat top will u sell it?