WTS: 8 Button MAS Arcade Stick (NW) 60$ Shipped! SOLD

I have an 8 Button MAS Stick with PS2 cord, purple sides with black face. It’s NON WORKING, and im not sure why, It just did not register anymore and I tried on multiple systems, it may be a simple fix, but I hardly use it anymore and wanted to sell, someone may want the parts or even the shell of the stick which is made of solid wood, or maybe you would want to fix, its in great shape, no marks, dents, stains etc, just doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Competiton bat stick, with black and purple convex buttons.

If anyone interested let me know!

Edit: Paypal Only, 60$ Shipped, or Best Offer!

(Ships only USA, 48 continuous states)



Edited with price/shipping info.


pic added to 1st post

where in MD are you? im interested and in NOVA

I live in Edgewood MD (Harford Co. Area)

dang, was hoping you were closer than that so i could just come pick it up :{

if u ever decide to or ever in the area and its not sold, you are more then welcome to

Do MAS sticks have QDs? How easy is it to switch out the stick/buttons?

i looked underneath and its soldered on all happ parts, i checked the stick again and it worked
for about 30 minutes and stopped working again, i cant make sense of the wiring, anyone with a knowledge of sticks or wiring may be able to fix

lowered to 70$ Shipped


I sent u a PM yesterday just to make sure u know.

pm sent

as of now stick still for sale.

Lowered to 60$ Shipped, if I don’t get any takers it’s off to eBay…where it will pry sit too lol.