WTS 8 button MAS stick $150


No longer for sale. Thanks, please close thread!


If only I had the money for these, sweet deal on both!


Thank you sir! Always nice to have my sale reinforced. :tup:


dam thats a boss te deal if it was 360 woulda brought it just cause lol.


pm sent


TE bundle sold!


Aw. I was going to hop all over that second deal. =/


what the hell man? you are not playing Street fighter anymore? why are you selling your sticks? nice Mass BTW. Good luck with the sale. :wink:


Every now and then I hop on HDR. But eh, I stopped playing like 2 months ago because I realized I don’t have the time to stay competitive anymore, I just want to enjoy my other games/genres from now on :wink: I tried playing again a couple weeks ago but yeah, I guess I’m done!

I’ll miss the HDR gang. :tup:


i quit playing HDR a very long time ago, i prefer regular old Super turbo. i play Super tubo on my Candies, or GGPO sometimes.

back on topic, hey people there is a MAS stick for sale here, that stick is built like a tank.


Dammit Dan why you aint tell me u were selling the TE stick earlier :lol:


Like you need another stick! Well there’s still the mas for sale!! :tup:


Sending PM.


if the mass stick isnt sold by next weds lol, ill get it for sure!!!


You never know! :sweat:


Still up for grabs bro, PM me if you were serious/haven’t changed your mind, lol.


is mas p360?


Nah, just comp/iL, whichever is standard in MAS sticks.