WTS: 80g ps3, laptop, bose quietcomfort headphones, TE stick


I prefer money order over paypal, but i will take both.

80 gb second generation
HDMI cable
Component Cable
Power Cable
ssfiv, sfiv, tekken 6, blazblue, virtuafighter 5

Asking price: 275 shipped within continental US, add 10$ for canada.

2.1 gz dual core
2 gigs of ram
Radeon mobile video card
Cd/DVD drive
17" screen IIRC
3 usb ports
headphone/microphone jacks
Comes with alienware usb mouse and keyboard

VGA output to monitor/TV. Will include dual sided male VGA cord for use on TV as well as Svideo cord for same purpose (older TV’s)

Item will ship formatted with no OS or in it’s current state with windows 7, NON ACTIVATED. Vista 32bit product key is on the bottom of the computer, but i lost my cds.

Defects: Must be plugged in, no idea what is wrong with the battery but it won’t hold charge longer than 20 minuets. This should be a simple fix though. Mouse nub in the middle of the keyboard fell off, have yet to replace and won’t be replacing, mousepad works fine.

http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/3527/312m.jpg (alienware keyboard)
http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/3394/36004139.jpg (laptop on)

Model #
Compaq: nc8430

Asking price: 235 shipped within us, 10$ more for canada

BOSE top of the line noise canceling headphones. These things normally go for around 300$ last time i checked.
They have been owned but barely used for three years, I only used them twice on two airplane trips and they have been cleaned.
Comes with carrying/storage case (official), airplane + AMP/Microphone adapters


picture: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/9468/314qk.jpg

Asking price: 125 shipped within continental us, 5$ more for canada.

TE stick
Used for about a year, in great working condition
Pictures upon request, no real damages maybe a scratch here or there.
Ninja sticker on bottom (piece of red tape with ninjas on it), so you can tell it apart

Asking price: 80 shipped within continental us.

Will ship international for more shipping charge.


My brother might want this laptop, i’ll ask him when i see him tonight. By chance doyou have a link the to it on the HP website?


You should probably say what version those Bose headphones are. I’m guessing QC15 if they’re the newest ones but the QC2s are virtually identical in design. Really good price if they’re QC15s, I just spent $175 for my pair about a week ago and they’re great.


i think its the older one because i have the QC15s that i spent full price on :frowning: and the casing looks different.
nonetheless great headphones. good luck with the sale


it is the older ones.

bigger and more comfy imo.


Holy crap, you have SSFVI already?! :rofl:

Free bump :smiley:


price drop for ps3, added te stick


Willing to do TE + ps3 and games for 330


Willing to sell cheaper locally btw. So ma/ct/ri if you wanna take the time to drive here or meet up some place.


laptop prob sold.


If it’s a PS3 TE then I’ll take it for 70 shipped and I have paypal ready to go so give me the word


interested in the ps3, te stick combo hit me up on aim qnzunos


Why would i be selling a x-box te stick when i have a ps3? >_>


Still for sale.


Lots of interest in TE. Need the other stuff sold. Laptop sold via other means.


ps3 lowered to 265 shipped


Help me quit fighters please.


PMed about TE stick.


Interested in headphone if still available, sending pm