WTS: 80g ps3 + ssf4 + tekken 6 +vf5+sf4 250$pp/230$ mo


includes all wires and games

shipping is included in price

this needs to be sold FAST.

price is 230 if you pay with money order.

Would you split up just Tekken from the bundle? I’ll give you $18 shipped for it.

not unless i can’t sell it as a bundle.

Any controllers included by chance?

My roomate stole the controller.

still LF buyer.

Hey I’m looking for a ps3 as of August 1st (time to get paid). What I need to know from you is:
1.) Is this a slim or an original model?
2.) Is there anything wrong with it?
3.) What conditions are the games in?
4.) Do you like cats…? Hey we all like cats right? … right?
5.) Do you have a ps3 mic? idk how ps3 and voice chat works, so umm fill a nigga in. If so could u add it in. I’ll put in the extra cash if needed.
I will most likely be paying by paypal since I don’t have much experience with money orders.

Original model
All games are in great condition, always in box or in the system, rarely touched.
Nothing is wrong with it what so ever
I am neutral on cats
No mic, but they use USB microphones.

Then sir if you can wait until the first of August, you will have $250 in place of your stuff. I’m really surprised your not charging more. I would have gone up to $300. Matter of fact I’ll send you $280 for all of it.

Much appreciated.

On hold till then.