WTS: 8GB Apple iPod Touch, Jailbroke, prestine condition. $275 shipped OBO

I just got an iPhone today, so I want to get rid of my iPod Touch since i dont need it anymore. Been used for about a month before I decided I wanted an iPhone because the wi-fi around where I work really sucks. The Touch is in brand new condition. I threw a screen protector and a protective case on it the second i opened it from the box. I’m using this case on it, which will be included. I have the original box still with the ear buds. The ear bud package has been ripped open but not used. I opened it cuz i thought the data cable was different from the regular iPod ones, but they weren’t, so I used my old one.

This has been jailbroken and is on the 1.1.2 firmware.

Feel free to ask any question.

I’m, asking $275 shipped for this. I have a ton of apps already installed. Its all prepped for you. It’s liek buying a new Touch already hacked for your continence :slight_smile:

what does the hack and firmware do?

Allows you to install 3rd party applications on your iPod Touch like games and programs etc that apple does not provide. Pretty makes the Touch an awesomesauce PDA. The installing is easy too. You dont even need to connect to your pc. it downloads it right to your iPod Touch

no one interested? O_O

Are you taking any trades for it or do you want only cash?

Sounds sweet, but I’m broke.

Well it depends. What do you have for trade? I just spent $430 on an iPhone, so I could really use the cash to pay that off. Unless you have stuff up for trade that I could use or had good resell value.

I have a new sealed XBOX 360 wireless controller and a 3 month old psp. $275 is pretty steep for me for the ipodo. new is the same price and I could jailbreak it in 15 minutes so I wouldn’t be willing to spend the retail value for it. I’d be willing to spend around $200 on it unless you wanted to trade for it and I could pay the rest through paypal.

Is the PSP the slim one of the old fat one? I can definitely use the X360 wireless controller though. it’s like you read my mind. I’ve been wanting to get another one but kept pushing it aside.

The psp i have is the regular fat one but its only about 3 months old. I bought it used and got the warranty on it; that same week it broke and I got a new one which has only been used about 10 times. I have a 1gb memory stick with it as well as the headset/Microphone. I’d be willing to throw Street Fighter Alpha 3 in with it as well. Like I said the 360 controller is still in the plastic I bought it about a month ago for $50 just never got around to using it. My ipod just recently broke so ive been trying to get a new one just dont want to spend more than $200 and even that is to much. lemme know if you are interested and maybe we can work something out. i can also provide pictures as well as feedback.

i’ll trade my custom ps3 stick for it :wgrin:

O_O which one? PICS!

i hope u still have it 3 weeks from now, cuz i really want to buy it.

I have an all sanwa stick, a snes earthbound and a japanese mvc2 I’d be willing to trade for this if its still available

also a fat ps2 with 120gb hd network adapter 2 mem cards and hd advance 2.0

i’ll trade 3 of the 4 if your still interested

sorry dude allready did trade with him

is this stilll available ?

no im afaid