WTS: A bunch of different stuff! Including Lamp360!

I’ll be using this thread to sell different types of pre-modded items and other various things. All prices do not include shipping.

If there is a controller that you don’t see listed and would like it usb modded w/ internal thumbdrive, contact me and I most likely could make you one.

USB NES controller w/ 1gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB SNES controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB N64 controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB Genesis controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

Gamecube pad converted into a Wii Classic Controller (wiimote not included): $60

Gamecube to WiiMote Converter w/ sleeve (GC pad and Wiimote not included) [0 in stock]: $30

[SOLD, can build others on request] Halo Lamp360. USB ports are usable for charging phones: $80

Multi-Console modded Frankenpad. All pcbs are inside the Frankenpad and not in a seperate project box like the original ones are. Comes with usb cable for ps3/360/pc use: $200

Multi-Console modded Round 1 TE using PS360+. Comes with usb cable for ps3/360/pc use. Keychain and the stick’s box included: $200

360 R2 TE metal panels (2 in stock): $20

Button Keychains. (buttons included are MadCatz buttons from Brawl Sticks): $7

Hey Gummo, I’ll shoot you a PM in a second, but I’m interested in that GameCube to Wii converter you fit inside of a MotionPlus adapter.

Ok cool. I have 10 of them made so far.

Does the motionplus adapter work or was it just gutted out to fit in the converter?
Will these work on a wii remote with motionplus built in?

It was gutted out to fit the converter. I will work on the wiimote with builtin motion plus.

added two te metal panels to the list.

Thinking about selling my custom sticks too. Any interest in the Evo netbook stick?

Hope you still have some of the converters come income. I wants one. Possibly 2.

I have 9 left in stock. I’ve added the stock count in the post. I will still be making more I just need to design a new pcb and get them made.

Ok, sounds good.

With that new smash coming, smash folks love their GCN controllers. With atm, no official way to use them on the WiiU. You sir are sitting on a potential gold mine.

btw. definitely interested in at least 1. I’ll check back Thursday once I get some cash.

Gummo, that Gamecube to WiiMote Converter looks amazing. Just like Rekano said, gamcube controllers will be a must-have for the new smash.
Question for you - is there any chance that your converter would work with Wavebirds? In my head it seems like it would, it’s still receiving the same signals from the same type of plug, whether it be the wavebird’s receiver box or an actual corded controller, but I know electronics are never that simple.

Yes and no. I’ve tested it with a wavebird and most of the time I can’t get it to function. I’ve only gotten it to connect once.

Aw, that’s really a shame. Any idea what might be keeping it from working? I won’t even pretend to act like I understand electronics, but it seems encouraging that it CAN work…sometimes. Regardless, appreciate the reply.

Sold out of my first batch of gc->wii adapters. I’ll post an update when I have the second bigger batch made.

Received my package. USPS trashed it. It was half water soaked than re-wrapped. Have not tested it yet though Gummo wrapped it nicely enough to where i don’t think any water seeped in. I wondered why it took so long for it to get here.

I wonder how the hell USPS managed to do that. The adapter was inside the rubber sleeve and inside a small plastic bag so hopefully that helped protect it.

I added a multi console modded frankenpad to the list.

Will be adding a few more stuff soon.

Multii-Console modded R1 TE and Button Keychains added.

Hey there Gummo. Are you going to make GC to Wii converters anytime soon? I’d like to get some.

Its on hold.

Halo Lamp360 has been sold. I can build more on request.