WTS a few things

Lets see…gotta start a new one and delete the other thread.

Anyway seling some stuff, cause im tryin to get a new stick.

So here it is

Agetec Pcb works good just tested it not to long ago: $30

got two Xbox SFAC pad: $15ea

You can reach me on aim if you want to discuss anything on here


Also im woilling to trade any of these things for a p360 new or used…as long as they work

Stck ima actually let go for 40…just something you can mod and change the joystick yourself. Button are sanwa keep thati n mine. I can give you pics no that youll need it. Nothing beautiful.

And Agetec PCB dropped to 25…if it aint sold by the end of the week i may just keep it.

Need to get rid of this stuff asap…need the money

gonna aim you

ah, well i aint on aim so what ever you need you gotta tell me here til i get home from work

Do you have a picture of that tekken stick?

No, but i can get some when get home. Nothing to special…just a mostly black metal panel. With a 6 button layout and a new pcb. Only thing left to make it complete for anyone is artwork and a new joystick.

But ill try to put some up when i get home…

Just decided to put this together cause i was throwing abunch of my hori shit away. And i have like a bunch of sanwa buttons just sitting around. Had to atleast sell one of them.

Sounds good.

If i didnt have to cover the price of those buttons and the pcb…would have went lower.

So is Mixah getting the stick, because I really wanted it but my dad does not want to be buying stuff online without him around. :x

if you want it, take it.

I want it, but the only problem is that I am not sure if my dad will let me buy it. =P

Well whoever want it let me know…im tryin get to my mother to ship it out tomorrow along with that cvs2 i just sold.

i’m interested in the stick. if you can post a pic it would be great. how does it play?

Well since the joystick is a hori…its probably kinda lose…if it is i can throw in an extra hori joystick. The buttons are brand new snawa i brought from lizard lick a couple weeks ago. And is also good, I use a SFAC pcb on mostly all my sticks. Play wise…IMO cant tell for sure…i play on american sticks.

Im surprised no one jumped on my agetec pcb…best thing to use for anyone making a marvel stick.

I am kind of surprised that no jumped the agetec also, and I think my dad is kind of stern that I have to get PS2 before a stick. Don’t laugh, I was more or less tricked by Nintendo that the GameCube was going to be great.

It’s because it’s only the agetec PCB. not hte agetec stick.

Oh, I see what you did there…

I still have the agetec stick…not sure if its worth sellin because its not neatly painted…the plexigless while is a right sized has to be changed since i had to cut it a ghetto way. Other than that it has new white buttons artwork(from a perfect dark magazine wallpaper) and a sanwa joystick with clear bubble top. If anyone interested in the crap let me know. I could come up with a price…and pics when i get it back from someone who refuese to learn to use a stick

@ agetec stick
tempted, could always strip the paint off and redo it…

but i think i’m throwing too much money around here and ebay lately

lemme think about it and wait for the pics and price, but don’t hold it for me