WTS: Actiontec DSL modem

Hello SRK,

Looking to sell: [SIZE=6]Actiontec DSL modem [/SIZE]$ 25.00 shipped
(silver stand not included)

Is this ADSL2+? Do you know the model number? Gonna hook up Qwest soon, and would be nice to avoid the modem lease fee.

Yes it is!
[]Industry’s first modular DSL residential modem/router
]Tested and approved to work with Qwest DSL

[]Full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, supporting data rates of up to 24 Mbps downstream and up to 1 Mbps upstream

Is there anyway that you can give me the exact model number? I would like to be 100% certain before I purchase it from you.
Also, will it come with any cables?

Comes with all cables and neatly packaged. Lost the silver stand though. I will be out of town for the next few days but I can ship monday morning. Model # is: M1000

Very cool. I’m gonna call Qwest tomorrow and make sure it’s compatible with my tier. Monday is fine also.
Do you accept paypal? I can send you the cash as soon as I get confirmation from Qwest. Either way, I’ll be sure to let you know what’s up.

This modem has Quest branding on it and it was recommended to me by Quest. You can call Quest at 1-800-247-7285 to check compatibility. In case your wondering, this was not a leased modem from Quest but my own. Paypal is fine.

Hey, just got off the phone with Qwest. Looks like it will work just fine. I can send payment as soon as I receive your paypal address.
Thanks man!

Convo sent

Paid and replied.

Sold! Mods please close

Hey man, did you get a chance to get that in the mail?