WTS: Afro Legends Stainless Steel Custom Stick for 360

If anyone is interested, I am selling my stainless steel custom stick. It is virtually brand new and in outstanding condition. Finkle, who is quite renowned as the best stick maker in the business, built it for me and it is just breathtaking beautiful and plays like a dream. It uses a Sanwa stick w/ Semeitsu buttons. The buttons are quick disconnects and the start, back, and guide buttons are recessed on the right side to prevent you from accidentally pressing them.

Here are some pictures…






I am asking for $210 which includes shipping to anywhere in the US, obo. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll answer them.

afro legends

P.S. The stick is no longer for sale as it’s been sold to Hakdizzle

Damn… that stick is real slick. I’m sure somebody would pick this up quick. I would if I only had $210 to spend :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck on the sale!

hey afro pm sent

quick question, why are you selling this beauty?


:pray::pray: Afro legends the greatest deejay!!

haha nice stick… is it square gate?

yeah, why are u selling it? and does it come with an autograph? :bgrin:

wondering same thing.

I am selling it because my computer died out a few weeks ago and I’m trying to help finance for a new laptop.

And yes, it’s a square gate.

doh that sucks. awesome stick

That is a nice looking stick. Sorry to see you sell it good luck man.

hurry sign it and sell it for more monies! :rofl:

your signature is worth 100$ now that u won evo

That things a beauty, I wish I lived in the US so I could snatch it up. Good luck with your sale!

Silly question, would you sell the case only? If so, how much?

Pm sent let me know if you still have it

I bought it i think he forgot to update the thread. Sorry…