WTS: Agectec Dreamcast stick


Was cleaning out some storage of mine and came across this stick. While I am keeping the dreamcast, I really have no current use for this stick.

Asking $60 shipped. OBO. Seriously, PM me and let me know what you think it’s worth.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm. . . I’ve been looking for an agetec for a long time now. . .


FWIW, I think thats a very fair price. Good luck with the sale!


Pm sent. Do want.


I sent a PM like right away, I hope he sees.


Sale pending.

Had no idea that many people wanted this stick…


If he falls through ill take it.


Sorry to bud in but if anyone wants agetec stick too. Got one for sell just pm me.

60 shipped too.


Previous buyer backed up.

Still up for sale. Probably just going to throw it on ebay or back in my closet soon.


Im still interested…


Way to hijack a thread…


not really he stated that after the sale was pending incase someone else who was interested needed one not his fault the buyer backed out