WTS Agetec Arcade stick aka Green Goblin

Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick (Green Goblin) is 60+ shipping or best offer
still works great, uses rarely in the past 5 years.

like new ASCII Pad FT for DC is $35+shipping

I have a custom DC arcade stick but i’m not sure if I want to sell it, but might be willing for a fair price.

though I am willing to sell the parts,
perfect 360 25+shipping
and the happ competition buttons purple $1.50 each, must be sold as a set ($9)
1st player start button, $1

no returns, not because i’m selling anything busted, but because its a hassle, and you are free to ask all the questions you need to about the items before purchase.

I can assure you that all items are all in great working condition

agetec and ascii pad ft


I really want that Agetec, but I’m trying not to spend so much money…Good luck.

Hmmm… You really can never have too many agetecs…I’ll have to think about this one.

it says or best offer guys, how much are you willing to spend we could compromise.