WTS: Agetec "Green Goblin" Stick

Hi guys, i’m selling an official Dreamcast stick by Agetec, better known as the green goblin. The stick is all stock and in very good condition. It will also come with the original box.

$60 shipped from NJ. I’d prefer to ship within the continental U.S.

Good price, great stick for modding.
Good luck man.

pics please??

Stick is tentatively sold to Makoto Scrub, awaiting payment.

Makoto Scrub backed out, stick is back up for sale!

Bump bump, I know someone’s gotta want this

What’s the condition on it? Any cracks/gouges/discoloration etc? Pics would definitely help.

It’s pretty much in perfect condition-- no cracks, gouges, or discoloration. I bought it when the Dreamcast first came out, and used it for 3 months. After that, it sat in my closet in the box until August 2007, and I used it for 3 more months until I got my custom stick. The box even has the original price tag on it from EB.

I’ll try to get pictures up soon, but it’s tough since I don’t have a camera.

PM Sent

Sold to crackbone! Thanks