WTS: Agetec PCB's, A Series Dual Shock PCB, Sanwa Buttons

Clearing out some more stuff.
Paypal only, all prices include shipping to the lower 48.

No trades at the moment but check back in a few days.
Feedback me and I’ll do the same for you.

7 dark blue (they’re really indigo) 30mm sanwa snap-in buttons and matching balltop, brand new. -$16


6 pink 30mm sanwa screw-in buttons and matching balltop, used lightly. -$12 -On hold


5 24mm sanwa screw in buttons, new. 2 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow. -Red ones are gone, Remainder on hold.


Thanks guys!

I’ll take FFVII

Where exactly are you located. Interested in uncharted 2

Albany NY

I will take ur ps3 uncharted 2.

Pm me with ur paypal. Thanks.

I have a SNES>USB converter that looks exactly like that. I’m pretty damn sure it’s the same one.

It works perfectly on Mac too, in case anyone is wondering.

pm sent :slight_smile:

i have sent payment for ps3 game thanks

Got it. Shipping in the morning.


Bump. Fallout 3 GOTY PS3 version added. $35.

Final Fantasy IX is GDLK. I’m like 2/3 through it now, it’s quickly becoming my favorite FF game.

For sure. I just wish square would throw it and VIII on the PSN already.

I hope you’re going to use this money to pay me back the $200 you still owe me from two years ago.

PM sent.

PM me for details of my bad experience with this user.

Edit for sold items; prices dropped across the board. See first post. Everyone who bought and paid so far, your items shipped earlier today.

I’ll take the fallout 3

PM sent. Hope to hear back with good news. :slight_smile:

Got the PM; still lookin through you thread and considering the SFAC stick offer. PM you back today.