WTS: AH 3 PS3 Japanese Import (Sealed) + MVC3 LE (no DLC)

Arcana Heart 3 japanese import for PS3 unopened. Asking [S]$50CAD[/S] $40CAD + shipping

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Limited Edition for PS3 and Xbox360. Contents and discs are in perfect condition as I never got around to playing it. However, I have used the DLC code. Asking [S]$20CAD[/S] $15CAD + shipping for each.

People who live in Toronto can pick up for free.


Is that the best offer you can do for Arcana Hearts Kinda interested?

I am going to hold it at $50 for now. But is no one is willing to take it at that price soon, I will be forced to drop it.

Bump for price drop.